Archisand Builds DC Shoes Logo in Sand

Archisand performs workshops and organizes a sand castle competition for DC Shoes staff.
Huntington Beach was beautiful and the Sand Castles were great.
Click here or on the Photo below to view photos from the days events.
Check out this cool Time Lapse video!

Archisand Creates Sand Castle for “Cougar Town” ABCs’ cool series staring Courtney Cox

Archisand built a Sand Castle for the “Cougar Town” ABC TV Series.

Archisand was tasked with building a sand sculpture that was cool but not too cool! It needed to look like it was built by the actors and not some masters sand sculptor’s work of art. The beach was packed with photographers trying to capture the action. Here is a link to some of what they captured.

Cougar Town airs on ABC Wednesday Nights 9:30 / 8:30c

Happy Birthday Grace! Sand Castle Suprise by Archisand!

Grace was amazed with her Suprise Sand Castle Birthday Gift!
“Best Birthday gift I ever received”
Archisand created this cool birthday message for Grace in Hermosa Beach in March 2011. Thanks Katie for the special gift to Grace.
See photos of the event click here or on the image above. The images are part of our flickr account. Check out other cool images while you are there.

NBC’s “The Biggest Loser” has Archisand Carve 50 Mazda 5 Cars in Sand

Archisand builds 50 Mazda Cars in sand for an upcoming Challenge for“The Biggest Loser”

This will be the first of two posts. The next post will be made after the airing of the program, with interesting behind the scenes look at how the contestants endured during the challenge.
The event was held at the Ventura Pier in California. We were interupted the morning of the shoot due to the 9.0 Earth Quake in Japan and the Resulting Tsunami that hit the US about 9 am.The Biggest Loser” airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.

click here or the photo below to see pre challenge images from the days events.

Checkout the cool time lapse videos below
Video #1
Video #2

Archisand sculpts ASM Forum Logo @ the Laguna Cliffs Marriott Hotel

Advantage Sales & Marketing (ASM) and Whitelight Multimedia contracted Archisand Professional Sand Sculptors, Inc to create their logo in sand. A California Beach theme was used as a back drop to the sculpture. To see the event photos click here to go to our Flickr site. or click on the photo below.

Archisand also captured the creation of the sand sculpture using Time Lapse Videos.
see them below

Archisand Sculpts Four Seasons Logo in Sand

Archisand teams up with the Four Seasons Club Residence Aviara staff to create their logo in sand as part of a campaign to promote the environment by planting trees. This is their 50th Anniversary message to the rest of the Four Seasons staff. Check out the photos from the day Click here, or on the photo below
Also check out these two time lapse videos from the day. They tell the story in an interesting way.

Archisand Organizes Sand Castle Competition for SPX Cooling Technologies, Inc

Archisand Orchestrates Cool Sand Castle Contest for SPX Cooling Technologies, Inc.

SPX contracted Archisand Professional Sand Sculptors, Inc to create an amazing sand castle and organize a sand castle competition among employees and spouses.
Check out the event photos by visiting our Flickr Photo Site, click here, or on the photo below.

Also check out these cool time lapse videos of the days events by visiting our You Tube site search word Archisand, or clicking on the videos below.
Everyone has a great time at the event. Thank you to all the partisipated and helped with the construction of the castles and the event in general.

Archisand Creates Beach Themed Sand Sculpture for Firestone Tire Company

Firestone – Master Contractors is amazed by hot Sand Sculpture

Archisand Professional Sand Sculptors, Inc sculpted a cool beach themed sand castle for the Firestone Master Contractors, Partners in Quality  recent meeting at the Terranea Resort in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA. Hosted by Sam Trego Productions, Imagination Entertainment.

Click here to view the rest of the images from the event in Archisand’s Flickr album
You also have to check out these two interesting time lapse videos of the creation of this sand sculpture
Video #2

Archisand & South OC Dental create cool Sand Castle Logo

Archisand and South OC Dental Group team up to create way Cool Logo in Sand.
As a part of the South OC Dental Group’s Annual meeting was the creation of the Group’s Logo in sand. The weather cooperated and the team work was exceptional. BeachFire Restaurants & Catering provided some out of this world eats that everyone enjoyed. View photos from the event by visiting Archisands Flickr site Click Here or on the Photo below.
Check out this cool Time Lapse video of the creation of this Logo Sand Sculpture

Professional Sand Sculpting – The Archisand Process

Professional sand sculpting is an art form.  While it is an awesome job to have, sand sculpting does take a lot of work.  Anyone who has ever tried to build a sand castle while they were vacationing at the beach can tell you that it’s harder to build that work of art then you think.

That’s why at Archisand, just as much time, if not more, goes into planning our sand sculptures as it does building them.  If you’ve ever wondered what it takes for an Archisand professional sand sculpture to be built, here’s a little look into our process.

At Archisand, our sand sculptures all start in the same place – in a sketch pad.  Whether we are coming up with a design for a competition or creating a design based on our clients’ needs, we always create a sketch to work with.

You can check out our online sand sculpture sketch gallery to see the amount of work we put into our sculptures before we ever put or toes in the sand.  A detailed sketch helps us to fine tune our design and can make it easier to direct artists when it comes time to sculpt.

Once our sand sculpture design is set and approved by the client, it’s time to get started.  But we can’t just run to the beach, gather up some sand and start sculpting.  Professional sand sculptures require a lot of preparation.  The first step in preparing to sculpt is choosing the right sand for the design and creating a strong foundation. 

Building the Sand Sculpture Foundation

A fine grain sand is usually the best option and provides finer detail then courser sand grains.  The sand is layered and moistened and then compacted.  Compacting the sand ensures the sand will not crumble once sculpting begins.  You can learn more about the compacting process in our sand sculpture tutorial.

Life-Size Design Helps Sculptors Get Proportions Perfect

As you can see from the photos of this recent sand sculpture we did, we use a life-size sketch of the design to ensure we have the right proportions before we begin sculpting.  We also use a grid pattern to help us translate the design to the sand perfectly.

Grid Patterns Help Sculptors Transfer the Design from the Sketchbook to the Sand

Once the sand is prepared, we can begin forming the design in the sand.  It’s always best to start from the top and work your way down.  If you start from the bottom, sand that is removed as you sculpt upper portions of your design can ruin work you’ve already done.

Start Sculpting from the Top and Work Down

The sculpting process can take hours and professional tools are needed in order to get the sculpture perfect.  You can learn more about the tools we use to create professional sand sculptures in our sand sculptor tutorial.

Many of our clients request that we sculpt during their event.  This provides great entertainment for their guests.  Whether we are sculpting the sand for a competition, as a centerpiece for an event or as part of entertainment for guests, maintenance is required.  In order for the sand sculpture to last as long as possible, it needs to remain moist.  A quick spritz of fresh water will help to keep the sand from crumbling.   We also always take photos of the finished sculpture – that way, even when the party is over, the memory can last forever.

Completed Sand Sculpture Takes Hours to Perfect

Building a professional sand sculpture is definitely a time consuming process, but it is an awesome process to watch.  If you ever have the chance to see an Archisand artist at work, you’ll be amazed at what they can do.  We have done hundreds of sculptures and we are often hired to create engagement and wedding sculptures or to make one-of-a-kind centerpieces for parties, corporate events and galas – so be sure to look for us at the next party you attend.

And check out our online sand sculpture gallery to see the great work we have done.