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Let the sand sculpture
do the talking. Will you marry me?

Sand Sculptures on the beach

Let the sand castle do the talking – “Will you Marry Me?”

A big ‘yes’ is the typical result. If you’re feeling inspired, you can provide your own design. Or if you prefer, our sand castle artists will do the designing.  Either way, enchantment will happen.

As always, we go to great lengths to cover all the details. Beautifully inscribed into all of our engagement and wedding sand sculptures are the name of the bride and groom, the engagement/ wedding date, and, of course, the all-important question.

Archisand offers professional photography services as well as custom video services to capture the surprise of the moment and make the very special occasion last forever and ever. These images are ideal for wedding invites and save-the-day announcements.

The Benefits of Sand Sculptures for Engagement or Weddings

Engagement Sand Sculptures- The Perfect way to get engaged!

Parents looking for a unique engagement or wedding gift need look no further than Archisand’s enchanting engagement sculptures. Let us help you capture the joy of this special day in your life.

Sand Castle Sculptures to Make your Wedding on the beach just right!

Archisand also creates stunning wedding sand sculptures to add a special touch to the big day itself.

Archisand has been creating wedding sand sand castle sculptures since the beginning. We would be honored to create a unique one for your wedding.

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Ready to Pop the Question through using a custom sand sculpture?

We will help you create the perfect moment for you!

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Our Sand Sculpture Process at a glance

Step 1


Share with us all Your event details: the vision, location, # of guests, and any special highlights. This helps us to know the “run of show” schedule too. The more info, the better we can serve you.

Step 2


We will ask questions about the event, the message the sand sculpture should convey, and the available size and space for the installation. This helps us tailor the proposal for your needs.

Step 3


Our team translates your idea into a detailed sketch of the sand sculpture for your review and approval. This sketch will reflect any theme, logo, or brand image you want to showcase.

Step 4


Planning the logistics is a critical step. Our team will coordinate the delivery of the sand and necessary tools to your event location. 

Step 5


After all the preparations, our team creates an amazing sand sculpture for you. Your event details or brand identifiers are skillfully sculpted into a beautiful sand masterpiece.

Step 6


Finally, at the end of your event we remove all the sand and recycle it for the next project. We leave the event site exactly like  we found it. Clean!

Depending on your preference, the sculpture can be created live during the event for
an interactive experience, or be prepared ahead of time to wow your guests upon arrival.

How Will You Get Exactly What You Want?

We will help you craft the idea, create it live during your event or prior to your event. We take care of everything from mock up to cleanup.

Design Sketch

Completed Sculpture

What our Clients Say

Archisand was a dream to work with!

They were wonderful in the pre-event planning stage and incredibly well prepared which led to a fantastic outcome to our event on the day. All around, I am looking forward to finding another project to collaborate with them on.


Iunia Dina


It was such a pleasure working with the Archisand team!

"All we knew was that we wanted a sand sculpture for our event; they took our ideas and created the most amazing display that really wowed our guests. It was definitely one of the highlights of the event. We can't wait to work with Greg and his team again!"


Christina Romano


You Guys Nailed it! Sensational Job

This was a hit! The level of detail you all delivered was matched by your enthusiasm! This was a hit with the crowd too!


Jack Williams


Ready to pop the question using Sand?

You can make the special day live forever. Contact our dedicated sand sculptor team. They’re ready to help you create lasting memories.

Ready to Make your Next Team Building Exercise a Success?

We will help you get the most from this experience.


Creating sand sculptures on the beach for marriage proposals is a wonderfully romantic gesture that requires thoughtful planning and personalization. We understand that you want every element to be just right.

We know it can be an emotionally charged moment in your life and that planning a proposal with a sand sculpture can make the experience even more memorable. Our mission is to make it as magical and stress-free as possible.

Absolutely! We specialize in incorporating personalized details such as names, dates, or even favorite quotes into the sand sculpture design. This customization makes the proposal even more special and memorable.

We work closely with you to plan every detail discreetly. This includes choosing the setup time and location carefully to avoid drawing attention. We can also suggest ways to bring your partner to the sculpture at just the right moment for a wonderful surprise.

We can suggest picturesque beaches, parks, or even private venues that allow sand sculptures. We’ll consider your personal story, where you met, or places meaningful to you both when recommending a location.

We always monitor the weather leading up to the event and recommend having a backup plan, such as a nearby shelter or an alternative indoor location. Protective measures like a temporary canopy can also be arranged to shield the sculpture from light rain.

We generally recommend booking at least a few weeks in advance, especially for larger or more complex sculptures. This time frame allows us to craft the design sketch and get it approved, plan logistics and travel, gather materials, and schedule our sand artists to ensure your sculpture is perfect.

Sand sculptures on the beach are temporary, but we do have our own sand that allows us to sustain it for longer than a traditional sandcastle would last. Generally under normal conditions you can expect it to last for 3-5 days. In addition, we can help you capture the moment with professional photography and videography. Ask our team about that add-on service.

Yes, we can design the perfect sand sculpture for you that can play an integral role in the proposal—for example, hiding the ring in a small, carved out part of the sculpture or creating a pathway leading to the sculpture that tells the story of your relationship.

Costs vary depending on the complexity of the design, the location, and the size of the sculpture. We provide a detailed quote after understanding all your requirements to ensure the proposal fits within your budget.

For a sand sculpture for a proposal on the beach, we recommend booking at least a month in advance to allow sufficient time for designing and planning every detail perfectly. Last-minute requests may be possible, but are subject to the availability of our artists and resources.

Certainly! We can help organize a small celebration or gathering post-proposal. We’ll ensure that the area around the sculpture is suitable for guests and can help with additional arrangements like seating, lighting, and even catering if needed.

We will handle all the necessary permits and ensure that the installation complies with local regulations. This may involve coordinating with local authorities or private property owners to secure the location for your special moment.

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