Archisand’s Greg LeBon quoted in Popular Mechanics

Popular Mechanics writers contacted Archisands Greg LeBon to inquire about building sand castles and sand sculptures.
Use the link below to get some tips about building sand castles as presented by Popular Mechanics.

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Archisand Organizes Sand Castle Competition for SPX Cooling Technologies, Inc

Archisand Orchestrates Cool Sand Castle Contest for SPX Cooling Technologies, Inc.

SPX contracted Archisand Professional Sand Sculptors, Inc to create an amazing sand castle and organize a sand castle competition among employees and spouses.
Check out the event photos by visiting our Flickr Photo Site, click here, or on the photo below.

Also check out these cool time lapse videos of the days events by visiting our You Tube site search word Archisand, or clicking on the videos below.
Everyone has a great time at the event. Thank you to all the partisipated and helped with the construction of the castles and the event in general.

It’s Summer all Year Long

It’s the middle of January.  The days are cold and short and most of us are dreaming of summer vacations, tropical getaways and warm beaches.  Well, while it might be winter outside, there’s no reason why you can’t bring summer to you today.

Some of the best parties we have made sand sculptures for have been summer-themed parties in the middle of winter.  If you’re planning a birthday party, a shower, an engagement party, a company meeting or any get together, think about making it summer or beach themed – your guests will love the idea of having a little sneak preview of the coming season.  Here are a few tips on how you can make a great summer party in the winter.

1)    Décor
Nothing sets the tone for your party like décor.  It’s the first thing people will see when they arrive and it really makes people feel transported to different part of the world.  One of the most important elements of any summer party is sand.  Sand is always a must and it really helps bring your party or meeting to the next level.  Imagine how much your gets will love lounging in hammock with their toes buried in the sand.  Or how relaxing it will be for your employees and colleagues to be enjoying a barefoot walk on your “beach.”

Another great decor idea is to have a sand sculpture as the centerpiece of your event.  A professional sand sculpture really takes your event to the next level and makes your party or meeting very memorable.  You can have Archisand build a professional sand sculpture as a centerpiece.  We even sculpt during your event so that your guests are entertained as well as mesmerized.

2)    Catering
The food you serve at a summer themed party can really set the pace for the entire event.  If you want a gala feel, upscale summer appetizers are a great option.  For those wanting a more casual tone, try firing up the grill. 

Don’t forget the cocktails.  You can find great summer cocktail recipes that will help set the mood of your event and will add a bit of whimsy to your party.  Be sure to offer a few choices as well as a virgin option for those guests who prefer non-alcoholic beverages. 

3)    Gift Bags
One of the nicest touches you can have at any event is a swag bag that fits the theme of the party.  For a summer/beach themed party, include some great items like sunglasses, flip flops, beach towels and pool toys. 

And don’t forget the packaging.  A great raffia tote or beach bag makes a great way to store all your summer goodies.  If you’ve chosen to bring your party or event to the next level with a sand sculpture from Archisand, we can also work with you to include great photos of your guests with the sculpture or other items in the gift bags.

So what if you just don’t have the time to host a great party this winter, but you still want to celebrate summer.   Here are a few things you can do alone, with your kids or family to have a little piece of summer in January.

1)    Suit Up
It’s amazing how summery you can feel by just putting on summer attire.  Kids especially get a kick out of putting on a bathing suit and have a “pool party” in the bathtub.   Break out the beach ball and water guns and you’ll be amazed how long your kids will be entertained.

2)    Get Cooking
Even if you aren’t having a party, a BBQ with just your immediately family can really make you feel like you’re on vacation.  Choose your summer favorites – watermelon, ribs, steaks, hotdogs, etc and get grilling.  The smell alone will help you get through the next few months before summer arrives

3)    Break Out the Sand
Nothing says summer like a great sand castle.  Use your child’s sandbox or head to your local home improvement store and buy a couple of bags of sand and get to work.  You can check out our professional sand sculpture tutorial and practice making sand castles all winter long.

4)    Indoor Picnics
It might be cold outside, but inside it’s the perfect temperature for a picnic.  Spread a blanket on the floor and pack a lunch.  It’s a simple and easy way to make an ordinary day special.

So whether you are planning a low-key summer family day at home or want to have a great summer/beach themed party or event, don’t let the weather outside deter you.  At Archisand, we believe it’s never too cold for summer.  If you want to learn more about how to elevate your summer themed party to a grand event with a professional sand sculpture, contact Archisand and we’ll be happy to help.

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