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Greg got the sand sculpture bug back in the early 1980’s. He captained teams that won the Canon Beach Sand Castle Competition in Oregon and the World Championships in White Rock,BC. Greg officially started the Archisand team in 1989. The team won 7 US Open Sand Castle Masters Championships during the 1990’s and 2000’s.

Archisand now focuses its efforts on professional commissions for some of the worlds largest companies. Archisand team mates have helped 1,000’s of people learn the skills of sand castle building during the countless number of team building activities and workshop for parties.

Kathy LeBon Joined the fun in 1999 and has been an instrumental part of Archisand’s success. Helping in so many ways, both on and off the beach. Archisand is family based, our son Alex LeBon and our Daughter Pam Schleissner have helped extensively since they were small children. Both help when they can to this day.

So many people have helped Archisand over the years. The list would quite long. The key team members who helped include, Ko Tanaka and his entire family, Joon Park, Ed Nagy, Henry Nagy, and Donnie Dewees.

We are always looking for creative, problem solving team mates, so practice and one day you may be able to join and call your self a professional sandcastle builder.

Why Choose Us?


With over 4 decades of experience you can trust our team with your project knowing what we have done for hundred of other organizations nationwide.


Not to toot our own orn but all you have to do is review any of our work and you can tell we are among the top sand sculpture artists in the world. 


To be doing this for so long you have to realize we have a passion and love for this form of art. We put in hard work and love into every sand sculpture we make.

Company History

Over 40 years of Award Winning Sculptures and Events
World Champions of Sand
Cannon Beach Oregon
Greg captains team that wins the Canon Beach, Oregon competition and the World Championships in White Rock, British Columbia, Canada
Sand Castle Competion Wins
7 Sand Castle Competition Wins
Archisand team is created and wins 7 US Open Sandcastle Competitions in the 1990s and 2,000s. This led to deciding to create the business we have today.
Archisand Incorporates
Archisand Inc. & Las Vegas Recovery
Archisand Professional Sand Sculptors,  incorporates and helps the city of Las Vegas bring back Tourism after the great recession.
Major Event Promotion
Vans US Open Logo
Archisand creates the Vans US Open of Surfing logo at Huntington Beach. The sculpture is seen by over 600,000 people live and millions through social media. This is the first of several more sculptures created for the event.
Major Event Promotion
Hello Summer at Irvine Spectrum
We have worked with Taylor Swift's team for the last 5 years for every tour. They are an amazing group of people to work with and we enjoy being "Swiftys" along with millions of others around the world.
Event Promotion
Taylor Swift Eras Tour - Sofi Stadium
2023: Archisand creates Taylor Swift sand sculpture at SOFI Stadium. The sculpture stands for 10 days and  is seen by millions through social media, and mainstream media.

What's Our Unique Advantage?

We Know Sand

We know how to source and procure the best possible sand for your event.

This is so important to the final success of your sculpture as no two sands are alike.

The logistics of getting the sand to your event is so important. We understand floor loading so that the weight of the sand does not cause floor cracking or even worse total failure for above grade locations.

Often we bring our own sand with us, or have it shipped by a freight forwarder. This simplifies the move in and out for large conventions. Ask us more about how we can do this for you on your next project.

Ready to Make your Event
Exciting and Unforgettable?

We will Build an Interactive Experience with your staff, customers or attendees just for YOU!

THE Archisand Founders

Our Founder

Greg Lebon, Founding Member of Archisand

Professional Sandcastle Designs Architect since 1984

California Licensed Architect since 1985 Located in Laguna Hills, CA

Greg Lebon has been competing in competitive sand sculpting events since 1981

Greg’s accomplishments and contributions to the sand sculpting community are numerous.  Greg’s early years in sand sculpting included being a member of the prestigious Sand Sculptors International (SSI) Team.

The team won many US Open and World Championships in the 1980’s.  He worked professionally with SSI on a part time basis while continuing to practice Architecture in the State of California.  In 1989 Greg founded the Archisand team.

Archisand Professional Sand Sculptors Incorporated in 2010.

Archisand competed extensively on the West Coast of the United States winning 7 first place finishes in the Masters “10 Man” division, in the prestigious US Open Sand Sculpture event held at Imperial Beach California.

The focus now for Greg and the Archisand team is to provide marketing and social media exposure for it’s clients worldwide.

Kathy LeBon

Kathy has been associated with Archisand since 1999.

Kathy is an artisan who understands anatomy well. She has an eye for facial proportions and compositions. Recently she has taken on the role of Director of Marketing for Archisand.

Since then Archisand bookings have more than doubled. Kathy is also an amazing photographer, capturing some special moments during engagement surprise sand sculpture projects

Kathy supports the Archisand team in many ways, both on and off the beach.

Types of Projects We Do

Team Events

team building dexcom

Team building events are a great way for organizations to make their corporate getaway parties fun, entertain while also creating cohesive bonds between coworkers in a unique way.

Private Events

Many of our private party clients want to have a cool sandcastle that serves as a focal point that often becomes a conversation starter for guests.

Corporate Events

Corporate event sand sculptures are the cornerstone of what we do. We truly love bringing a brand to life in a unique way and we look forward to doing it for yours.

Ready to Make your Event Exciting and Unforgettable?

We will Build an Interactive Experience with your staff, customers or attendees just for YOU!

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