Archisand’s Greg LeBon quoted in Popular Mechanics

Popular Mechanics writers contacted Archisands Greg LeBon to inquire about building sand castles and sand sculptures.
Use the link below to get some tips about building sand castles as presented by Popular Mechanics.

To read the Popular Mechanics article click HERE!

“Build a Sand Castle” Archisand’s Greg LeBon Featured Article in Parade Magazine

Contacted by Parade Magazine’s journalists for this summer’s “hottest” featured article, Greg LeBon shares his quick tips on building a better sandcastle this summer.

A. Pick a spot with the finest sand—it will hold together the best.
B. Make sure your sand is wet, and spritz it regularly if the day is hot or windy.
C. Use pails with the bottoms cut out to construct extra-tall towers.
D. Carve out a design with trowels and brushes.

Read more online at Parade Magazine HERE


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