Team Building
with Sand Helps People Connect

Benefit from team unity
using sandcastle team building both on or off the beach.

Team Building Activities on the beach

Team building activities on the beach is a great way to boost both the fun and morale of your group or corporate employees. Archisand offers special workshops in sand castle design and building, providing all the necessary equipment needed to turn the members of your group into accomplished sand sculptors. This includes shovels, tools, buckets, and plenty of encouragement.

After the training period, the real fun begins as the rookie sand sculptors divide into teams and square off in rigorous sand castle building competitions.  

Archisand’s own team of sand sculptors will be on hand to give tips during the construction, judge the event, and present prizes in a variety of categories.

The 6 Key Benefits of team Building
with Sand

Team Building Competitions on of off the sand

As with all our sand castle events, the competitions can take place anywhere, anytime, beach or no beach. 

We’ll bring the sand. And if you want to share this unique experience with family and friends, Archisand’s own private paparazzi team will be on hand to snap pictures.

Whether your event is for a corporation, community group, club, church, or any other organization, team building with sand is the perfect way to kick up major fun and inspire morale.

Sand Castle Sculpting Brings a Unique Experience to ANY Event

Team building competitions are a great way to break the ice and connect with new employees faster and effectively. We bring everything we need to your location. 

Archisand has been running these types of competitions for many years and we can help you reap all the benefits using our unique team building methods provide to inspire, connect and build team spirit.

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using Sand Castle Competition?

We will help you provide the ultimate team building experience!

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Our Sand Sculpture Process at a glance

Step 1


Share with us all Your event details: the vision, location, # of guests, and any special highlights. This helps us to know the “run of show” schedule too. The more info, the better we can serve you.

Step 2


We will ask questions about the event, the message the sand sculpture should convey, and the available size and space for the installation. This helps us tailor the proposal for your needs.

Step 3


Our team translates your idea into a detailed sketch of the sand sculpture for your review and approval. This sketch will reflect any theme, logo, or brand image you want to showcase.

Step 4


Planning the logistics is a critical step. Our team will coordinate the delivery of the sand and necessary tools to your event location. 

Step 5


After all the preparations, our team creates an amazing sand sculpture for you. Your event details or brand identifiers are skillfully sculpted into a beautiful sand masterpiece.

Step 6


Finally, at the end of your event we remove all the sand and recycle it for the next project. We leave the event site exactly like  we found it. Clean!

Depending on your preference, the sculpture can be created live during the event for
an interactive experience, or be prepared ahead of time to wow your guests upon arrival.

Benefits Of Using Sand Sculpture for Your Next Event


Attention Grabber

Social Media

Attract More
Media Attention

How Will You Get Exactly What You Want?

We will help you craft the idea, create it live during your event or prior to your event. We take care of everything from mock up to cleanup.

Design Sketch

Completed Sculpture

What our Clients Say

Archisand was a dream to work with!

They were wonderful in the pre-event planning stage and incredibly well prepared which led to a fantastic outcome to our event on the day. All around, I am looking forward to finding another project to collaborate with them on.


Iunia Dina


It was such a pleasure working with the Archisand team!

"All we knew was that we wanted a sand sculpture for our event; they took our ideas and created the most amazing display that really wowed our guests. It was definitely one of the highlights of the event. We can't wait to work with Greg and his team again!"


Christina Romano


You Guys Nailed it! Sensational Job

This was a hit! The level of detail you all delivered was matched by your enthusiasm! This was a hit with the crowd too!


Jack Williams


Unique Team Building Experiences

Want a unique team building experience. Well there is nothing quite like building team spirit with sand. Let us explain the process to you and we guarantee you will be fired up and ready to go.

Ready to Make your Next Team Building Exercise a Success?

We will help you get the most from this experience.


Team building activities on the beach that involve sand sculptures can be a creative and engaging way to foster teamwork and collaboration among employees. Business leaders planning such events often seek clarity on various aspects to ensure the event is impactful, well-organized, and enjoyable for all participants.

Here are some common questions they might ask, along with insightful answers:

Sand sculpture competitions by nature are a collaborative activity that requires planning, creativity, and teamwork. Participants must communicate effectively, delegate tasks, and support one another to achieve a common goal. This fosters a sense of unity and can improve interpersonal relationships within the team. We can help you implement an effective team building activity on or off the beach.

We handle all logistics including providing the necessary tools, sand, and other materials for large group team building activities. For beach events or. Off-beach activities, we handle all of the delivery of sand and set up planning for your event.

Absolutely! We can tailor the theme of the sand sculpture to be your company logo, or some core message that aligns with your company’s values, culture, or specific theme. This customization makes the experience more relevant and enriching for participants.

We always have a backup plan for inclement weather. Options include rescheduling the event, moving it to a covered location, or providing protective coverings to allow the event to continue as planned.

We design our activities to be inclusive, ensuring that people of all abilities can participate. Adjustments can be made to the sculpting area, such as accessible pathways and different roles within teams that don’t require physical exertion.

We cater to groups of all sizes, from small teams to larger corporate groups. We recommend groups of 4-8 people per sculpture to ensure everyone is actively involved, but we can accommodate larger groups by having multiple sculptures.

The duration can vary depending on your schedule and objectives. Typically, events last between 2 to 4 hours. This includes an introduction, the building phase, judging, and an awards ceremony. We can adjust the timing to fit into your broader team-building agenda.

Beyond fostering teamwork, these events can lead to improved communication, enhanced creative thinking, and a greater sense of accomplishment among team members. They can also provide insights into team dynamics and leadership skills.

Yes, we can incorporate other team-building exercises, workshops, or recreational activities to complement the sand sculpting. This can provide a varied and comprehensive team-building experience.

Booking is simple—just contact us with your preferred dates, location, and details about your team. We’ll provide a detailed proposal and once approved, we’ll secure the date with a deposit. The balance is typically due on the day of the event or per the agreement.

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