See Greg LeBon on the Sugar Dome on the Food Network

The Sugar Dome airs tonight on the Food Network!

Watch Sunday Night December 23rd 2012 at 8 pm PST.

Watch Greg compete with world class Cake and Sugar artists for the big prize! $15,000 in cash to the winning team. 
See the article below from the Orange County Register about the Sugar Dome and make sure to set your video recorder. 

Biggest Loser Start & Finish Line in Sand

The Biggest Loser has Archisand create a cool sand sculpture of the start and finish line for a tough challenge.
The program aired this week on NBC. Click HERE or the photo below to see images of the making of the sand sculpture.

To see a cool video including some time lapse footage click HERE or on the link below.

Archisand also crated 50 Mazda 5 cars in sand for an earlier Biggest Loser challenge.
The Challenge went all the way as the contestants had to find keys concealed with in the car sand castles. An Amazing result…
see the blog post and video for that episode which aired in 2011.

Disney Nature’s African Cats created in Sand by Archisand.

As a part of the premier of Disney Nature’s African Cats Movie, and Earth Day,  Archisand created this way cool depiction of the featured Cheetah and her cubs in sand. 
 Downtown Disney was the setting for an outdoor event  to promote Earth Day and the African Cats Movie. Local Boys and Girls clubs were invited to share the fun.

To find out more about how you can help save the Savanna click Here. To see the African Cats Movie trailer click Here.
Click here or on the photo below to check out the images of the sculptures creation.

This WAY COOL Time Lapse Video clip of the sculptures creation is fun to watch and share.

Archisand Creates Sand Castle for “Cougar Town” ABCs’ cool series staring Courtney Cox

Archisand built a Sand Castle for the “Cougar Town” ABC TV Series.

Archisand was tasked with building a sand sculpture that was cool but not too cool! It needed to look like it was built by the actors and not some masters sand sculptor’s work of art. The beach was packed with photographers trying to capture the action. Here is a link to some of what they captured.

Cougar Town airs on ABC Wednesday Nights 9:30 / 8:30c
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