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Sand Sculpting for Corporate Events

Sand sculpting can be the perfect unique advantage you need for a corporate event.  Perhaps a friend told you about an experience at a trade show where they saw one of our sand sculptures. Or maybe you saw one of them in the media from an event we were promoting.

In some way, you were inspired by a professional sandcastle and it struck a chord with you and now you’re wondering “how you can you incorporate one into your next corporate event or product promotion.”

Our team can create a personalized sand sculpture for your brand or product promotion, that captures the essence of your message in a unique and special way!

Archisand is the leading sandcastle design experts, with over 3 decades of experience. We specialize in corporate event sand sculptures and we can build them anywhere in the world. 

Our sand sculptures are perfect for trade shows, product promotions,  both on or off the beach. We even have our own sand we bring to you.

Whether you need a sand castle designed indoors or outside on the beach, we can deliver.

What type of event would benefit from a Sand Sculpting services?

Award Ceremony

Holiday Party

Trade Show



Company Milestone

Anniversary Party

Grand Opening

Key Advantages of Custom Sand Castles
For Corporate Events

Sandcastle Logos

Archisand can replicate or custom-design an intricate sculpting of your company logo, team emblem, motto, mascot, trademark product, or any basically other representation of your group!

Get creative or have our team help you come up with a powerful design! They look great next to an outdoor podium or as a focal point of your company event or promotion.

Let our team draw a crowd for you at a convention to help you generate leads and media buzz at the same time.

Sand Sculptures that showcase your Product

Using sand sculptures for trade show booths can help attract visitors to your booth to entice them into checking out your products and help with lead generation.

Incorporating sand sculptures into your brand’s marketing strategy can offer a distinctive and memorable way to promote your brand, engaging consumers in a visually stunning and environmentally friendly manner.

Sand Sculptures can Give and Event an Identity

Imagine your next event not just making a splash, but sculpting a whole wave of excitement! Sand sculptures are the secret sauce to giving your event a distinct, unforgettable identity.

Picture this: a towering, intricately detailed sculpture that captures the essence of your theme, whether it’s a magical mermaid kingdom or a sandy rendition of a famous cityscape.

As guests arrive, they’re greeted not just by decorations, but by a masterpiece molded from the earth itself. Throughout the event, the sculpture becomes a buzzing hub of selfies, laughter, and wonder, making your occasion the talk of the town.

Sandcastles can Highlight a Special Date or Event

 Sand sculptures are more than just decor; they’re an interactive experience that embeds your event in the minds of attendees, ensuring it’s remembered as much more than just a gathering—it’s a landmark event!

So, why settle for ordinary when you can cement your event’s identity in sand and style?

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Ready to Make your Event
Exciting and Unforgettable?

We will Build an Interactive Experience with
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Inspirational Ideas for your Event

LA Live

Las Vegas

Grub Hub

Vans US Open

Taylor Swift - Sofi

Irvine Spectrum

Our Sand Sculpture Process at a glance

Step 1


Share with us all Your event details: the vision, location, # of guests, and any special highlights. This helps us to know the “run of show” schedule too. The more info, the better we can serve you.

Step 2


We will ask questions about the event, the message the sand sculpture should convey, and the available size and space for the installation. This helps us tailor the proposal for your needs.

Step 3


Our team translates your idea into a detailed sketch of the sand sculpture for your review and approval. This sketch will reflect any theme, logo, or brand image you want to showcase.

Step 4


Planning the logistics is a critical step. Our team will coordinate the delivery of the sand and necessary tools to your event location. 

Step 5


After all the preparations, our team creates an amazing sand sculpture for you. Your event details or brand identifiers are skillfully sculpted into a beautiful sand masterpiece.

Step 6


Finally, at the end of your event we remove all the sand and recycle it for the next project. We leave the event site exactly like  we found it. Clean!

Depending on your preference, the sculpture can be created live during the event for
an interactive experience, or be prepared ahead of time to wow your guests upon arrival.
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Benefits Of Using Sand Sculpture for Your Next Event


Attention Grabber

Social Media

Attract More
Media Attention

How Will You Get Exactly What You Want?

We will help you craft the idea, create it live during your event or prior to your event. We take care of everything from mock up to cleanup.

Design Sketch

Completed Sculpture

Can we customize your sand castle to your needs? You Bet we can!

We’ve accommodated a variety of clients from all types of industries. We’ve been featured in the news, on syndicated television, and in numerous publications and periodicals.

We’ve catered to companies of all sizes and types, and we will travel any where in the world to perform. We supply the sand and the tools, and we’ll work with you to decide the details based on your needs. 

What our Clients Say

Archisand was a dream to work with!

They were wonderful in the pre-event planning stage and incredibly well prepared which led to a fantastic outcome to our event on the day. All around, I am looking forward to finding another project to collaborate with them on.


Iunia Dina


It was such a pleasure working with the Archisand team!

"All we knew was that we wanted a sand sculpture for our event; they took our ideas and created the most amazing display that really wowed our guests. It was definitely one of the highlights of the event. We can't wait to work with Greg and his team again!"


Christina Romano


You Guys Nailed it! Sensational Job

This was a hit! The level of detail you all delivered was matched by your enthusiasm! This was a hit with the crowd too!


Jack Williams


Want Social Promotion for your Event?

We can promote your event on social media as part of our service. Talk to a sand sculpture expert about the options available.

Ready to Make your Event Exciting and Unforgettable?

We will Build an Interactive Experience with your staff, your customers or attendees just for YOU!


When considering hiring a sand sculpting team for a tradeshow, corporate event or activation, event organizers typically have several concerns about the process going smoothly and focus on achieving the desired impact.

Here are some common questions along with strategic answers that could be provided:

The space required depends on the scale of the sand castle sculpture. A typical medium-sized sculpture might need a footprint of 10×10 feet at a minimum. We’ll need clear access to the site for transporting sand and tools, and it’s best if the location is shielded from strong winds and harsh weather conditions.

The time required for sandcastle sculpting can vary based on the complexity and size of the sandcastle creation. Simple designs might take a few hours, while intricate, larger sculptures could require several days of sculpting sand.

We can plan the construction phases to align with your event schedule, possibly completing much of the sand sculpting work before the event starts. However, some clients like us to interact with guests and entertain while we create their sand sculpture. It’s up to you to decide but we can help guide you.

We use a special type of sand we have sourced that really sticks together better than regular beach sand does. In fact, this is part of the magic of what makes Archisand’s sandcastles extremely durable.

The durability of our sand sculptures depends on the weather and environment. Indoors, sculptures can last for weeks or even months with minimal maintenance. Outdoors, factors like rain, wind, and humidity play a significant role. We usually apply a biodegradable sealant to help protect the sculpture from mild weather conditions.

Absolutely! We can design the perfect corporate style sand sculptures that serve as interactive pieces of art. They can be used as photo backdrops, product display stands, or even incorporate elements that attendees can modify or play with, enhancing engagement.

Our team is on standby at the event and we offer maintenance and repair throughout the event if there happens to be a need for it. Our team can conduct regular checks and perform any necessary touch-ups to ensure the sculpture design remains in perfect shape throughout the event.

Yes, branding is just about the #1 request we get. We can incorporate your logo, event theme, or any specific messaging directly into the design of the sculpture. This can be done through the shape of the sand sculpture itself or by adding branded elements to it. There are unlimited possibilities.

Safety is our priority. We set up barriers to keep spectators at a safe distance during the build and display stages. Our equipment and tools are handled only by trained professionals, and we ensure that the installation is stable and secure.

The first step is simple. Just fill out the request a quote form on this page. Once we get your request and understand what you’re looking for, whether it be a theme of your tradeshow or corporate event, or other requirement, we then produce a design sketch for your review. From there, we’ll provide a detailed proposal including, a timeline, budget, and logistical details. Then you can make a decision to move forward or not. It’s just that simple.

Costs vary depending on the scale and complexity of the sculpture, as well as the duration of the display. Our pricing includes all materials, labor, transport, and maintenance. We’ll provide a detailed quote to ensure transparency and help you budget accordingly.

We hope we have provided clear answers to your questions. We want you to feel as confident as we are and well informed to decide to work with us to incorporate a sand sculpture for your next event.

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