Archisand and IWINK Photo Studio team up to create cool Holiday Sand Castle

IWINK’s Newport Beach photo studio was the perfect venue to create a cool backdrop sand sculpture for Holiday photos.
The sculpture was created on a table on wheels so that the Studio has flexibility as to the location for the photography. Take your family to IWINK Photo Studio, 4311 Jamboree Rd #100, Newport Beach, CA 92660. Phone 949-660-WINK and get a special holiday photo.
 Ask for Sammy and let him know Archisand sent you! Click HERE, or on the photo below, to see photos of the creation of the Sand Sculpture.
To see a way cool Time Lapse Video of the Creation Click HERE or on the link below.

Archisand & the Malibu Triathlon Sand Castle – Amazing!

Archisand builds another great Sand Sculpture at the Nautica Malibu Triathlon. for race results click here
This year MESP (Michael Epstein Sports Productions) requested the incorporation of the 25 years logo to help celebrate this great milestone.
To view the photos click here or on the photo below.

Archisand also captured the sand sculpture build using time lapse video.
to check out the cool video click the link below.

We’re making progress! Join us for the US Open of Surfing 2011 in Huntington Beach…

The US Open of Surfing is one of the biggest summer events in Southern California and draws over 500,000 viewers each year.

The US Open with be held from July 30th to August 7th where the best surfers, skaters, and BMX riders compete for thousand of dollars!

But for you, the general public, it’s totally FREE, Dude!

The event is sponsored by big name companies like Billa Bong, Hurley, Nike, and many more. With so many big names and thousands of people it is a great venue to gain exposure for your brand, and we were honored to build sand castles for this event

is no stranger to a US Open, we have been crowned sand castle champion 7 times at our very own sandcastle open! 

Visit us downtown Huntington beach by the pier tomorrow for our final weekend out on the sand.  See our custom sandcastle design & construction of the Australian Open of Surfing logo with a backdrop of Sydney Harbor Bridge and the Sydney Opera House.

The sand sculpture will only stand until this Sunday, August 7th.  So come on by and be amazed!

Check out this way Cool Video, it includes some great time lapse footage.

To see our sculpture live in person you will just have to make a trip to Huntington Beach and see what all the commotion is about. Hurry though the event ends this weekend August 7th and all you will see is plain old, sand if you miss it!

Brandon and Lauren Engagement Sand Castle by Archisand

Brandon got a YES! from Lauren, Congratulations!
It Was a beautiful day at the Montage in Laguna Niguel, California for the surprise engagement. The family helped out with the rose peddles and the moment was great!
To see great photos from the day click HERE or on the Photo below.

Check out this cool Time Lapse Video of the engagement. Click on the link below.

“The video is amazing. It is so nice to see it from a different perspective. Great job! I put the link to the video on my Facebook. I have received so many positive replies. I can’t thank you enough. Your work and commitment speak for themselves.”

Brandon (Groom)

Carlsbad Beach Fest & Archisand Sculpt Giant Sand Sculpture

Carlsbad Beach Fest 2011 was another great event this year! Archisand teamed up with several local volunteers to create this way cool rendition of the event poster in sand. complete with the ” Hang Loose” hand, fish and music notes. To view a real nice story about the event from Local Media, click HERE
 To see images click HERE or on the photo below.
To see the amazing time lapse video click below.

Disney Nature’s African Cats created in Sand by Archisand.

As a part of the premier of Disney Nature’s African Cats Movie, and Earth Day,  Archisand created this way cool depiction of the featured Cheetah and her cubs in sand. 
 Downtown Disney was the setting for an outdoor event  to promote Earth Day and the African Cats Movie. Local Boys and Girls clubs were invited to share the fun.

To find out more about how you can help save the Savanna click Here. To see the African Cats Movie trailer click Here.
Click here or on the photo below to check out the images of the sculptures creation.

This WAY COOL Time Lapse Video clip of the sculptures creation is fun to watch and share.

Archisand carves cool Sand Castle for Lucas & Sara, Laguna Beach, CA

Archisand Constructed this Cool Engagement Sand Castle in Southern California for Lucas and Sara, She said “YES”!
It was a beautiful day in Laguna Beach April 2nd 2011 when Lucas let the sand sculpture do all of the talking.
Sara Quote “This is the best day of my life!” Great job Lucas!
See all the cool photos, click here, or the photo below.

Check out the cool time lapse videos of the days events below. Notice the tide was high and almost washed us away!

Archisand Creates Sand Castle for “Cougar Town” ABCs’ cool series staring Courtney Cox

Archisand built a Sand Castle for the “Cougar Town” ABC TV Series.

Archisand was tasked with building a sand sculpture that was cool but not too cool! It needed to look like it was built by the actors and not some masters sand sculptor’s work of art. The beach was packed with photographers trying to capture the action. Here is a link to some of what they captured.

Cougar Town airs on ABC Wednesday Nights 9:30 / 8:30c