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Sandcastle builders bring the WOW Factor to Your Event

You’ve got the people, the music, and the food. Now add the WOW!

Archisand are a team of professional team of sandcastle builders and sand artists, that can launch your special event to another level. How? By creating incredible professional sand sculptures and sand castles that will amaze your guests and clients.

Leaders in Sand Castle Design

Sand sculptors on our powerhouse team have decades of combined experience. They pour their professional knowledge, skill, dedication, and experience into every sand castle design that leaps from the imagination. 

Whether you’re planning a corporate event, party, engagement, or any other special occasion, Archisand’s professional sand sculptors will push it well beyond the bounds of ordinary into an extraordinary experience.

Our Services

Sand Sculptures for Corporate Events

Archisand can build its professional-grade sand sculptures indoors or out. In fact, some of our best projects have taken place indoors. By the way, we can actually bring the sand to you! 

Creating spectacular custom sculptures on our own sand platform display tables: there’s no mess for you! We recycle the sand for the next event. 

We can even bring our sand with us to different States and then recycle it for the next project. It’s 100% LEED friendly!

Sand Sculptures for Product Launches

Archisand’s professional sand sculptures and professional sand castles are irresistible attention-getters. 

Even Las Vegas lights pale in comparison. 

That makes our creations excellent experiential marketing tools with the power to drive substantial traffic to your corporate event. 

Your Social Media will get added attention as guests post your message to the ever expanding on line community.

Sand Sculpture Competition Team Building Events

What better way to supercharge your corporate event than with a bit of competitive fun in the sand while doing some team bonding? 

Archisand can teach your group the tricks of the trade and help their imaginations go wild in the sand. With competitive sandcastle building, corporate events are sure to reach a whole new level of excitement. 

On your mark, get set, dig!

Recent Client Testimonial

Ready for Archisand to create an incredible sand sculpture for your business? Click the button below to get started!

Our Sand Sculpture Process at a glance

Step 1


Share with us all Your event details: the vision, location, # of guests, and any special highlights. This helps us to know the “run of show” schedule too. The more info, the better we can serve you.

Step 2


We will ask questions about the event, the message the sand sculpture should convey, and the available size and space for the installation. This helps us tailor the proposal for your needs.

Step 3


Our team translates your idea into a detailed sketch of the sand sculpture for your review and approval. This sketch will reflect any theme, logo, or brand image you want to showcase.

Step 4


Planning the logistics is a critical step. Our team will coordinate the delivery of the sand and necessary tools to your event location. 

Step 5


After all the preparations, our team creates an amazing sand sculpture for you. Your event details or brand identifiers are skillfully sculpted into a beautiful sand masterpiece.

Step 6


Finally, at the end of your event we remove all the sand and recycle it for the next project. We leave the event site exactly like  we found it. Clean!

Depending on your preference, the sculpture can be created live during the event for
an interactive experience, or be prepared ahead of time to wow your guests upon arrival.

Ready to Make your Event Exciting and Unforgettable?

We will Build an Interactive Experience with your staff, customers or attendees just for YOU!

Who We Serve

Corporate Event Planners

We work with corporate event planners to help them create a new experience that their guests have never seen before.  Discover how we can help you bring your brand to life using our corporate event sand sculptures.

Marketing & Product Managers

Marketing and product managers want more name recognition to drive sales and customer retention. We work with many marketing executives to help them promote their product using our sand sculpture marketing efforts.

Trade Show Organizers

Trade show organizers love us because we can help them bring more attention to their events in a unique way that increases exposure and helps sell booth space at the same time. 

Recent Sand Sculptures

Trade Show Event

trade show event

We can attract attendees to your trade booth to get more leads that drive sales through the roof. 

Public Event

We can create an attention grabbing sand sculpture for your event or brand that is media worthy.

Promo Event

Want to showcase your product in a unique way?

 Let Archisand create a sand sculpture that represents it.

Team Building Event

team building dexcom

Need a creative way to bring your team together? 

Let’s have a sand castle competition.

Archisand was a dream to work with!

They were wonderful in the pre-event planning stage and incredibly well prepared which led to a fantastic outcome to our event on the day. All around, I am looking forward to finding another project to collaborate with them on.


Iunia Dina


It was such a pleasure working with the Archisand team!

"All we knew was that we wanted a sand sculpture for our event; they took our ideas and created the most amazing display that really wowed our guests. It was definitely one of the highlights of the event. We can't wait to work with Greg and his team again!"


Christina Romano


You Guys Nailed it! Sensational Job

This was a hit! The level of detail you all delivered was matched by your enthusiasm! This was a hit with the crowd too!


Jack Williams


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Ready to Make your Event Exciting and Unforgettable?

We will build an interactive experience with your staff, customers or attendees just for YOU!


Business leaders and marketing managers we work with from high-profile brands often have very specific and strategic questions when considering sandcastle builders for their corporate events, product promos or trade show booths. They typically ask about brand alignment, audience engagement, return on investment, and logistical details.

Here are several questions you just might be thinking about:

Sand sculptures can be customized to precisely reflect your brand’s ethos and visual identity. For a big brand like Ferrari, we have created a detailed sculpture of the logo in sand, while car brands like Ford Bronco wanted us to create a life size version capturing the vehicles cool sleek lines and powerful aesthetics.

For dynamic sports-themed sand castles for a client like Major League Baseball we have showcased the event name and made creative use of baseball gloves, balls and bats to create an athletic theme that resonated well with their brand values and baseball fans alike.

Our professional sand castle builders can integrate different lighting strategies that fit the mood or theme of your event and bring the sand sculpture to life. Both lighting and sound can be embedded into the sand masterpiece to enhance the sensory experience, making the lifelike sculpture a multi-dimensional advertising tool.

Absolutely. Use of QR Codes near the sand castle design to help attendees engage with what you are promoting. Use of images of the sculpture of the event can be posted on social media including specific hashtags to promote the event. Additionally, you can implement QR codes that link to exclusive offers, product launches, or more information, allowing you to measure click-through rates and overall engagement.

We’ll tailor the design to appeal directly to your target audience, considering factors like interests, age group, and current trends. We also recommend positioning the sculpture in high-traffic areas or at events that draw your desired demographic.

We can coordinate with your PR team to create a media buzz around the unveiling of your sandcastle sculpture, exclusive media invites, and social media teasers. We also recommend a making-of video or a time-lapse of the sculpture’s construction, which are popular content formats for sharing on social media.

Beyond the event, the personalized sand sculpture can be used as the centerpiece for a wider digital marketing campaign. It can feature in promotional videos, be the background for interviews or discussions about the brand, and serve as a thematic anchor for a series of related marketing initiatives.

For campaigns spanning multiple locations, we can create a series of sand sculptures that are either identical or themed according to different regional aspects of your brand. Logistically, each will require site-specific plans for transportation, installation, and consider local weather conditions if we create them outside.

We can design virtually any sculpture using our custom sand to directly represent or interact with the new product. For instance, if Taylor Swift is launching a new tour, the sculpture could mimic a scene that showcases the tour name, specific location or a certain lifestyle needed to represent it. For brands like Nike, a sand castle design could be staged as part of an athletic event, where the product is used by athletes engaged in the sport.

Yes, we can design a scalable sand sculpture design concept that can be replicated across different markets, adjusting for regional preferences and conditions while maintaining brand consistency.

We hope these answers help you see how sand sculpture promotion can be a strategic, impactful, and adaptable marketing tool, tailored to meet your specific branding and campaign goals.

Be sure to reach out to us so we can discuss a strategic sand castle marketing strategy for you.

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