Corporate Event Sandcastles

Perhaps a friend told you about their recent experience at a sandcastle event or you saw our sculptures in the media, or in person. In some way, professional sand castle design struck a chord and you’re wondering how you can incorporate them into your next outing.
Whether you choose to have our team promote a new product, create a personalized castle for your group or corporation, or organize a Team-Building with Sand event, we’ll customize our services to your needs!

Archisand’s Orange County sand castle events, competitions, or corporate events can take place anywhere in the world, anytime (call us now to schedule it!): beach or no beach, indoors or out. We can bring the sand!

If you want to share the memories from this unique experience with peers, clients, family or friends, Archisand’s own private paparazzi team will be on hand to snap pictures. Use photos on social networks to create a buzz about your team or product!

Corporate Event Sandcastle Services

  • Sandcastle Logos
    Archisand can replicate or custom-design an intricate sculpting of your company logo, team emblem, motto, mascot, trademark product, or any basically other representation of your group!Get creative or have our team help you! Looks great next to an outdoor podium or as a focal point of your company party. Be a part of the action by building it with your team, or let our team draw a crowd for you at a convention.To see more about our marketing tools, click here.
  • Team Building with Sand
    Give attendees something to get pumped up about! There’s a reason company picnics usually incorporate some type of sporting event- competitive fun helps create or strengthen bonds between team members. Archisand can help you organize your employees and guests. They’ll be sure to break the ice by getting their hands dirty and working toward a common goal. Building a solid structure out of loose sand takes creativity, determination, and communication. Archisand will instruct and motivate the “rookie” sand sculptors, then break them off into teams to see how your group fares on its own! We’ll be nearby to guide during the competition, then evaluate and judge the sculptures! Prizes can be awarded for multiple categories and plenty of photos can be taken.Y our team is likely to sharpen their brainstorming skills while building their confidence and sense of accomplishment. With competitive sand castle building, corporate events are sure to reach a whole new level of excitement … READ MORE

    “On your mark… get set…. dig!”

What types of groups or events would benefit from Corporate Event Sandcastle Services?

So, your corporation, company or organization is planning an/a:

  • outing
  • picnic
  • holiday party
  • event
  • award ceremony
  • convention
  • anniversary party
  • celebratory business event
  • retirement or promotion
  • company gathering
  • quarterly celebration
  • merger or acquisition
  • welcoming ceremony

Or perhaps you’re a member of a community group, organized club, sports group, church, sorority/fraternity, support group, or any other organization that wants to build team morale… Team Building with sand could be perfect to help members feel “part of” and strengthen skills like those found below.

How will groups or events benefit from Corporate Event Sandcastle Services?

  • Confidence
  • Communication
  • Competitive Drive
  • Self-Esteem
  • Delegation
  • Trust-Building
  • Sense of Self
  • Creativity/Design
  • Leadership
  • Rewards of Following through
  • Basic Structural Design / Architecture
  • Role Reversal / Dissipation of Rank
  • Project Planning
  • Time-Management
  • Sense of Achievement
  • Completion of an “Impossible” Task
  • Company Giving Back To Employees
  • Socialization With Co-Workers
  • Listening Skills
  • Collaboration
  • Rewards of Hard Work
  • Common Goals Can Be Met
  • Feeling of Accomplishment
  • Coaching and Encouragement
  • Good Cardio / Workout
  • Excitement
  • **Photography
  • **Prizes
  • **Fun Memories

Corporate Sandcastle Customization

We’ve accommodated a variety of clients from all types of industries . We’ve been featured in the news, on syndicated television, and in numerous publications and periodicals.

We’ve catered to companies of all sizes and types, and we will travel any where in the world to perform. We supply the sand and the tools, and we’ll work with you to decide the details based on your needs. Contact us today to book a consultation!

Contact our friendly sand team today. And get the fun started with your next Corporate Event or Group Team Building Function.


Corporate Sandcastle Clients & Testimonials

“Another job well done to Archisand & Team! They are very professional and easy to work with; and always seem to exceed my expectations.”

– BBQ Express


“Good morning Greg,

It was an incredible display and we were very pleased with the sculpture. The public absolutely loved it.

Thank you again for all of your help.”

– Jeff Campbell, City of Lancaster

Click Here to View the City of Lancaster Sandcastle




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Corporate Event Sandcastle Designs

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