FAQs: Frequently Asked Sand Castle Questions


Can I have a permanent sand sculpture?

Sand sculpture permanent? Well, in a way.

What is a sand sculpture made of?

Just sand and water. No artificial ingredients.

Can a sand sculpture be created anywhere besides the beach?

Yes, we build most of our sand sculptures off the beach. This includes locales such as hotel lobbies, convention centers, etc. The sand is contained in boxes of various sizes, depending on our clients’ needs.

Do you provide photographs of the sand sculpture events?

Yes, as part of our service, we offer professional photography to preserve the memories of your event. This saves you money by eliminating the cost of hiring an independent photographer.

Will we have to do any re-scheduling to accommodate your sand sculptors?

Not usually. Our sand sculptors design their schedule to fit in neatly with your events schedule. Since we are performing artists, however, we recommend some final sculpting during the event to entertain your guests with our unique creative process.

Are you willing to share tips about the sand sculptures creation?

Although part of the fun is interacting with the guests, we pride ourselves on a high level of professionalism. We try to project that image through our special uniforms, banners, and flags. We will and do answer questions about the techniques used to create our sand castles.

How far will you travel?

To your community or event, nationwide or worldwide. We’d go to the moon if invited.

How can you impact a corporate event?

Professional sand castles are proven crowd-draws. As such, they offer an excellent opportunity to take advantage of our experiential marketing programs. We’ll also help your message go viral by posting event images on Twitter and Facebook.

How can I build a professional sand sculpture?

Perfecting the art of sand sculpture takes years. But like any professional, you have to start by building your first one, and then practice, practice, practice. To learn more about how to build a professional sand sculpture, read our sand sculpting tutorial

What is the process you use to create a professional sand sculpture?

Like any great piece of art, sand sculpting requires much hard work. Our process relies on just as much planning and preparation as it does on actual sculpting. Learn more about the Archisand sand sculpting process here.